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    The Michele Sleep Scoring System has been specifically designed to help clinics become more productive and efficient while maintaining the highest level of quality for their patients.

    Manually scoring sleep studies can be a tedious, time-consuming process. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts using traditional methods and with recent healthcare reimbursement cuts, sleep clinics need a solution that’s quick and effective. That’s where our software comes in.

    Michele does the work in a fraction of the time, with proven speed and accuracy. Technologists can now eliminate hours of work and apply their expertise to other clinical duties, such as setting up level 3 studies, CPAP therapy and other activities that directly benefit the patient.  The time has come to enhance the efficiency of your clinic and help more patients waiting for treatment.

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    2 /Results You Can Trust

    With Michele Sleep Scoring software, you’ll be able to generate accurate, fully scored reports that sleep doctors trust.

    We understand the skepticism about autoscoring. That’s why Dr. Magdy Younes and a team of veteran sleep experts have spent over half a decade developing, refining and perfecting the Michele Sleep Scoring software. If you aren’t convinced of the accuracy of the unedited data generated by Michele, we invite you to read an arms-length study published by the journal SLEEP (click here to read the full study). If you’re still not convinced, we also provide it free for a 30-day trial – you have nothing to lose.

    Autoscoring with Michele Sleep Scoring software allows your clinic to generate reliable reports for sleep doctors in far less time than manual scoring. Technologists simply focus their years of expertise on editing the results – taking a matter of minutes – and deliver them to sleep doctors in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.


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    3 /Powerful, Reliable Software

    Arm your clinic with a powerful tool designed to meet the demands of your industry. Whether you’re looking to move towards more Level 3 studies or to increase the speed and accuracy of your Level 1 reports, Michele can handle all of your scoring needs.

    The pressure is on for clinics to move toward home studies for detection of sleep apnea. The Michele Sleep Scoring system handles Level 2 and Level 3 as well as Level 1 studies, and with the same degree of accuracy and consistency.

    When making the move to scoring Level 2 and 3 studies, it is critical to have scoring results that are reliable.  With Michele, the scoring quality is independently proven to be on par with highly-trained technologists, and the software can provide the customized reports that sleep doctors are looking for in very short order. Whether it’s helping you move toward Level 3 studies or providing the most comprehensive Level 1 report, Michele can handle all of your scoring needs.