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    Times have changed. Gone are the days of inadequate autoscoring systems that deliver inaccurate results. Now, sleep clinics are able to provide reliable, customized reports in a fraction of the time with the Michele Sleep Scoring system.

    Reliability is Everything

    The Michele Sleep Scoring system is proven to deliver results that are on par with those produced by highly-experienced sleep technologists, and has been tested on a large array of patient files covering a wide spectrum of sleep disorders. In addition, the final report generated by the software is fully customizable to your practice so you choose to include the information you need. Variability in sleep scoring is a well-known phenomenon; Michele provides a level of consistency that just isn’t possible with manual scoring — and in a fraction of the time.

  • Validated by peers
    2 /Validated by Peers

    The Academic Alliance for Sleep Research recently confirmed that autoscoring with The Michele Sleep Scoring System is just as accurate as the results generated by expert manual scorers.

    About the Alliance Study

    The Academic Alliance for Sleep Research (AASR) enlisted sleep centers at the University of Pennsylvania (UPSC), Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Wisconsin and St. Lukes Medical Center to investigate the variability between automated versus manual scoring. The AASR maintained complete control of study design, file selection, data analysis and interpretation.

    70 polysomnography (PSG) files were distributed to the five academic sleep centers where two technologists with at least four years of experience scored each file. Autoscoring was performed using a laptop containing the software at the University of Pennsylvania. The unedited results of the autoscoring were then analyzed by a UPSC technologist. The results speak for themselves. The study demonstrated that the overall agreement between Michele autoscoring and the average scores of the ten technologists in the study was as good as or better than as the agreement between different scorers and centers in the study. The complete results of the study have been published in the Journal SLEEP (click here to read the full study).


  • Created by experts
    3 /Created by Experts

    The Michele Sleep Scoring System is the culmination of over half a decade of intensive research and development by Dr. Magdy Younes and veteran sleep experts. The result is a software application that will revolutionize the way the industry operates.

    How it Works

    The Michele Sleep Scoring System (Michele) is a proprietary software system that automatically scores physiological data obtained during level 1, 2 or 3 sleep studies. The data are uploaded to a secure site where the software identifies Sleep Stages, Arousals, Respiratory Events and Leg Movements. The results are available in minutes and can be reviewed and edited for even greater accuracy. What was once a manual process prone to lengthy analysis and human error is now a reliable, accurate and highly customizable system that delivers results in a fraction of time.