Free yourself from manual scoring with Michele

Our software automatically scans physiological data generated during level 1 sleep studies. It produces scores for sleep stages, arousals, respiratory events and leg movements. The results are reflected in a polysomnography report comparable to those produced by a sleep technologist using manual scoring.

The key advantage for clinics using the Michele Sleep Scoring System is the time it can save.

On average, it takes a polysomnography technologist 1.5 – 2.5 hours to manually score a single sleep study. Automated scoring with Michele software provides accurate, reliable results in a fraction of that time and the Michele viewer provides you with complete control over review and editing of the results. This has the potential to vastly improve clinic productivity and capacity by allowing physicians and technologists to use their expertise to focus on other sleep lab activities.

Accurate time-saver and a great learning tool too

The Michele Data Viewer (Michele Scoring System) is a very accurate and user-friendly scoring device. With the help of YMT’s top-notch support staff, I was able to learn how to use the viewer quickly. They were always available when I needed them and worked diligently to make the viewer user friendly for scorers using the Alice 5 sleep system.

On average, it takes between 15-20 minutes to upload, autoscore and download a study for editing and it’s cut my scoring time in half. Once I became comfortable with the viewer and could see its accuracy, I was able to practice “quick editing”, which is reviewing sleep onset, REM onset and respiratory events. Quick editing cut my scoring time by 3/4ths and remained very accurate. A bonus is that the system set my mind at ease about getting carpel tunnel syndrome. Any scorer who has scored more than 500 respiratory events and arousals knows what I’m talking about.

The viewer has features that allow you to track flow limitation, delta wave frequency, and PLM amplitude for accurate scoring. You can also customize montages in the viewer to fit your own personal needs. The features of the scoring system and its accuracy make it not just a great scoring tool but a learning tool as well. New scorers can utilize the accuracy of the software to become more confident with scoring, allowing veteran scorers time to complete more tasks and be a bigger asset to their company.

—Raymond Andrew Boso, RST RPSGT
Delta Centers For Sleep, LTD.